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You are looking for an online outlet where you can submit and post your press release(s) in an effort to gain exposure and increase social and search positions. Furthermore, you are hoping to find a company that can give your brand and press release the professional image they deserve... Welcome to BonoVox Public Relations.

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Located in Los Angeles, California. We craft and distribute online press releases that present the best version of you - and your company or organization - to an ever growing group of Media outlets, Journalists, and Writers. We combine state-of-the-art design with technology that enables our clients to look their very best across a wide variety of news and social media channels.

BonoVox PR Services

We present the best version of YOU!

At BONOVOX PR we think press should make a lasting impression. BIG graphics and stylish design. Across all devices. Now, you've got the look! 

The Difference

The BONOVOX PR difference is in our ability to give your story the professional look & feel and online placement you've been looking for. It's not about mass distribution. It's about finding your niche. You provide the story - we'll provide the aesthetic and know how you need to get noticed.

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