Help Finish the Ford Island Control Tower Renovations at Pearl Harbor

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June 29, 2022, 10:00a.m. PDT 3 min read

HONOLULU and PHOENIX — Preserving Pearl Harbor's landmarks and the memory of our fallen heroes for future generations is a worthy endeavor. Restoration of the Ford Island Control Tower is part of that ongoing effort.

Pearl Harbor visitors now have access to an unforgettable new experience with The Top of the Tower Tour. The tour offers 360-degree views of America's WWII Aviation Battlefield from the tower's observation deck, thanks to an elevator gifted by the Shoen family of U-Haul®. The attraction opened on Memorial Day.

But there is work still to be done.

U-Haul invites the public to follow its lead and help the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum finish restoring the Ford Island Control Tower.

The dedication of the Ford Island Control Tower’s opening was held over Memorial Day weekend, and U-Haul CEO Joe Shoen was there to experience Freedom’s View atop the tower.

The historic Ford Island Control Tower is now open to the public for tours, but there is still work to be done. U-Haul invites you to follow its lead and help the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum finish restoring this WWII landmark.

While $7 million has gone into tower repairs over the last decade, the task of replacing the tower windows remains. Half of the $800,000 needed to complete the final restoration phase must come from donations. This initiative will help preserve Pearl Harbor's hallowed grounds and an irreplaceable WWII landmark while honoring the veterans of the Greatest Generation.

Of course, unplanned giving is not always an option during difficult economic times. Simply sharing word of the restoration project and donation opportunity is appreciated. Taking The Top of the Tower Tour in Honolulu, Hawaii is another great way to provide support.

Pearl Harbor holds special significance for U-Haul, which was started by a U.S. Navy veteran and his wife in 1945 as WWII was coming to a victorious end. U-Haul has been headquartered in Arizona since 1967. The Top of the Tower Tour offers views of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial featuring the USS Arizona Memorial, as well as Battleship Row, where eight ships were bombed and four sunken, the Arizona among them. Veterans affiliated with U-Haul who served in the Pacific Theater are honored with a display in the tower lobby.

"Reopening the Ford Island Control Tower is another way to honor the memories and preserve the stories of the brave individuals who sacrificed their lives defending our freedom," stated Joe Shoen, U-Haul Chairman and son of founders L.S. "Sam" and Anna Mary Carty Shoen.

Today, U-Haul actively recruits veterans and offers them hiring preference, while also working with numerous charitable organizations that support veterans' causes. Well over 1,300 veterans are employed by U-Haul.

Details of the tower renovations can be found at


SOURCE  U-Haul / Pear Harbor Aviation Museum

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